Ceremonies by Meredith

Me Ke Aloha (With Love) Personal, Custom, Sacred

Ceremony Customs: Ring Warming and Bride and Groom Thank You

Ring Warming

Ring Warming Blessing

ncluding a ring warming into your ceremony is a special way to invite your guests to participate in the start of your marriage.   In the beginning of the ceremony the rings are passed to the guests and are asked to take a moment to hold the rings and make a silent wish/blessing.  When returned for the bride and groom to exchange the rings, they then contain the love and support from everyone there.


Bride and Groom Thank You

During the ceremony the bride and groom are facing each other. The Bride and Groom Thank You provides an opportunity to turn and face friends and family while the officiant thanks everyone for all their support.  This is a beautiful way to treasure the moment of seeing everyone being there for you on your special day before the ceremony concludes.  

Here is an excerpt from a ceremony...

Bride Name and Groom Name now before those that they love and that love them; especially their parents...  Names

Those that have raised them, taught them, supported them and shaped them.

Most importantly, have given them not only the capacity to love, but to understand it and the desire to return it.

Because of that they are able to stand now across from each other, to take the limitless wealth that you have all given them in spirit, in time, in love and return it.

Without everyone here today, no one is here today.And for that, Bride and Groom both knowing that language often fails emotion, say, simply, “thank you”.